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Motivation Indeed!!

I have watched this video 24454 times! 2 best beats i heard from 9th wonder other than “righteous” by edgar allen poe and “beautiful morning” off the minstrel show album

for the hell of it. “Righteous way to go”

and “beautiful morning”


P-World Ten ………..Reflection of the past Decade and Year

The 80’s made me, The 90’s raised me, the new millennium defined me, the next decade will refine me. This past decade i have seen happiness, i have seen sadness. I have seen cold Michigan nights in a sleeping bag praying that a leap of faith pays off. I have hurt and i have been hurt. I have cried, I have laughed until i cried. I was fired many times, I was hired many times. I lost so much, but gained so much more. I was deceived, and i deceived. I lied, and i was lied too. I stole and a lot was stolen from me. I mislead and i was mislead. I helped many, and a few helped me when i needed it the most. I was broken down, and i was lifted up. I made money, i spent a lot of money. I starved many nights, saw my bank account at single digits more than enough times. I spent over 10 grand on shoes. I bought cars and lost cars. I had great intimacy experiences, and awful intimacy experiences. I saw a black president, I saw towers fall, I saw a Pop King fall…..which a peace of my youth and inspiration died with him. I flew across the country, and i drove across the country. I racked up well over 500,000 miles. I saw good friends die, I saw new loved ones born. The beginning and the end.

I learned about faith, I learned about trust, I learned about loyalty. I learned about my gut feeling, I learned about credit. I learned about responsibility. I learned about character. I learned about integrity. I learned about politics. I learned about business. I learned about fear. I learned about courage. I learned about deceit. I learned about defeat. I learned about reputation.  Most importantly i learned about FAMILY. Eventually, i learned a lot about who i am. More importantly i learned a lot about who i wasn’t. I learned that actions speak louder than words. And i learned not everything is what it seems. I learned that everything that glitter aint gold. I learned that shortcuts never work. Not in math, not in science, not in money, not in business, not in love, not in standards, and not with character. I learned Karma is a bitch, and it comes back 3 fold. If you meet her once, you never ever want to meet her again. I learned to be wise whose hands you put your future in. You can trust nobody better than yourself, and make sure you can trust yourself. I learned that excuses get old, so does innocence. I learned that talk falls on deaf ears, and it is also wise to turn your ears deaf on talk. I learned that no man growing up before me taught me how to be a MAN. I learned that momma knows best. I learned that i am blessed. I learned that i have a gift or two. I learned that it is my mission to utilize my gifts to give to the world. Most importantly i learned that it all revolves around GOD. Put him first and your chances are great.

The past 4 years have been 4 of the most difficult years of my life. Those that know me, know i almost lost everything. From my shelter, to my money, to my dignity, to my self-esteem, to my friends, to my family, to my identity I fought for it. I never gave up. I always felt i had a mission to accomplish. And i think that saved my life, that kept me strong, and it kept me jaded to how bad things were. I have made some of the stupidest, i mean dumbest decisions of my life. I also made some of the greatest decisions of my life. I learned how to share my life. And after almost losing everything i shared, i learned how to stand alone and take care of myself. Well im still learning that, but I did it.

This past year………wow where do i begin? I hurt people, made them hate me. And honestly i was hurt by some. Disappointed by many. I achieved new heights of business, and comforts in life. But i reached lows in areas of my life. I truly saw the highs and lows in a span of 365 days. I learned to keep my circle tight, and keep it right. I learned that people will smile in your face and run their mouth behind your back. I saw that everybody is not as tough as they talk. A lot of fronts and gimmicks out there, even they all have different acts. Even the innocent is not so innocent. Everybody has a past, a history, and some dirt on them. If they act like they don’t, walk away. Thats where the fronting starts. I learned to love those who love you. Thats your best bet, and not a compromise but a more efficient and rewarding way to use your heart. I learned not to chase, you will never catch, and will risk yourself in the process. I learned to never trust a big butt and a smile in theory, don’t be driven by an image. You will probably be let down. Those who really care will show it. Those who don’t will just talk it. I realized that everybody won’t understand me. And thats ok. A few will have the passion to get to know me, they will show it, and those are the people you open up too. A lot of people i thought would be there for me, were not at various times. A lot of people i never expected to be there, were! Crazy how life works. So expect it to work that way. Never put anything past anybody, and never be surprised at anything. I learned what saving for a rainy day really meant. And most important i learned that if somebody shows you who they are….BELIEVE THEM!! Not what you want to believe, or hope is true.

*My Guardian Angels. I love you all for loving me like the brother and son you never had*

This year, i lost a few good friends, a few good women (no im not talking bout you. you were not good). I made some amazing friends! And learned im blessed with some amazing women in my life. I was reconnected with a lot of amazing people. I gained a sense of family in every type of way. And i end the year and decade with a focus of family first. I want to thank everybody that stood by my side this year, this decade. truly cared for me. Put up with my bullshit, my inconsistency, my stubbornness, my immaturity. The people who knew what was best for me even when I didn’t. Many say they were a real friend, they want credit. But i know the ones who understood me, and really showed me what being a great friend is. I want to thank everybody who believed and invested in my talents. I hope you were pleased with your investment, and if not i won’t miss twice! I want to thank the few that never flaked on me. Always came through even when i doubted them. I want to thank those that loaned me a few bucks when i needed it and even when I didn’t want it. I want to thank the few that covered the tab, and didn’t think less of me. I want to thank the few that never through what I had in my face, as a reason i could do for them. Never brought up what i drive or what i wear as a judgement of where I am in life. Never asked for an explanation of my hard times, just was there for me. I appreciate you. No, I love you! you are all teachers of character. I learn so much be experiencing people like you. You inspire me to do the same for you and others. I wish i could name names, but i won’t. If you know in your heart im talking to you, i probably am, and you can hit me up to confirm it. You know i keep it 100 when it comes to these things.

For next year? 2010? Not much to say, i will let my body of work speak for itself. But what i will share are a few focuses. One being the motto “Family First”.My Parents,My cousins, My elders, My GOD family (given to me from GOD, I truly believe this), my creative family, and my true close friends who are family to me. I dedicate next year to being great to them. They will take care of me more than anybody else if I take care of them, this i know.  Another major motto is “365” thats a number im aiming for. Thats everyday of the year. I just want to give my best, no excuses. No days off at being my best. And with that comes a will to establish myself as one of the hardest working people i know. I learned in 2009 that working hard is not just putting in a lot of hours. You can put in a lot of hours, but what are you making of it? Are you benefiting, are you efficient? in 2010 i want every ounce of it be efficient. Nothing goes to waste.

Happy New Year, Be Safe, Catch ya on the Flipside.


The pictures are almost a timeline of the past 10 years. I made sure i put up pictures of all the people who made an impact over the 10 years. Friends and Fam. This is my thank you. If i missed you it’s because I didn’t have a pic. Lets fix that. You can tell which ones are the old ones. I didn’t feel like putting it in exact order, but i hope it tells a story. I feel it is only right to end it with a picture that was one of my proudest moments in my life. My mother in tears, from finally seeing first hand what my career is and what I created. It was tears of pride, relief and happiness.


Best of 2009 (my personal opinion)

Favorite post of every year.


Lil Scrappy -Addicted to Money (Justice League)

Keri Hilson – How does it feel (Timbo and Danja Handz)

Fabulous – Lullaby (Alchemist)

50 cent – Strong Enough (????)

Best Movies

Avatar (3-d please)

Hangover (my top 5 ever instantly!)

Inglorious Basterds (top 10 instantly)

Blind Side (top 5 ever instantly!)

Top TV Shows

Tough Love


Love of Ray J (entertaining i have to sadly admit)

The Game (became addicted this year)

Favorite People


Jeff Van Gundy, NBA on ESPN


Keri Hilson – How Does It Feel

Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Raekwon – Surgical Gloves

J. Cole – Lights please

J. Cole – Can I Live

Lil Scrappy – Addicted to Money


“when somebody shows you who they are…..believe them.”


Jay Stay Paid

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

Loso’s Way

J.Cole – Warm Up


R.I.P. Michael Jackson the King of Music, R.I.P. DJ AM, Twitter, White Bentley on twitter, Grammys on Twitter, Michael Jackson Funeral on twitter, NBA Playoffs on twitter, Everything on twitter, Lakers win championship, MVPuppets, Frisco Sick, Neices and Nephews, Spring modeling again, C’est Lavie Shoot, Ohio, Vegas and Encore, New Car Smell, Camille, Too many girls, etc etc etc


Co-Theme Song of 2010 “Addicted to Money”

This beat is a beast. Probably play this song every day to get in the mood to attack the day.


2010 Co-Theme Song “CAN I LIVE”

These 2 verses say it all.

“Never  been a fan of flashing, probably kuz i never could. Said if i had it never would. Then i got my first lil taste of paper and i splurged, I guess it’s just the n***a urge. This is the boondocks. I swear im like Huey mixed with Riley. Thursday i be trying to save the world, then Friday i hit the club. Hoping my d**k get rubbed by some fat asses. N***s get da scrappin then you hear them gats blasting. Damn, oh them n***s aint got no problem with me? My momma told me to speak like you got a college degree. You see i can, but i won’t. Because i’m saying what i want. Plus this slang that i speak don’t change that i’m deep,as the throat on this certified freak when she choke, as we head to the crib.Yes I let her give me head so she don’t remember where i live. My game is tight. Baby no need to bring pajama’s you ain’t spending the night. No disrespect, i just say it polite. I drop her off, before i sleep, i be praying for life. Like Hov said it, CAN I LIVE?? Dear Lord CAN I LIVE??”

“Now am i living to get paid? Just slave for a wage all week, I can’t do no 9-5 tell my momma sorry. I can’t do no suit and tie, no, i want the glory. If you knew me, you know my life is like a movie starring me.  Pardon me if it seems that i’m following my dreams, i’m not reading off the script that they picked for me. I ain’t pissed naw, couldn’t give a s**t hardly. I be s***ting on them n***as that was s***tting on me. Will i live or will i die before they get to know me? If i go, i know the ones that’s pouring liqour for me. And i know the  fake n****s really hating on me. Knew that i was about to blow so they were waiting on me. But oh no! see i’m smarter than they know oh oh. But hold on, because i’m not quite ready to go oh oh. CAN I LIVE? Somebody told me there is only one shot. So i will be got damned if i’m ever gonna  stop. Promised to my momma imma make it to the top, so im gonna keep climbing till my heartbeat stops…..”

J. Cole – Can I Live

There is all kinds of underlying messages in it. But it says it all. It’s one of those verses you think was wrote for yourself, pretty much word for word relate to me. But it was expressed by somebody else. Very few songs i feel that way about. Reason i didn’t take out any words of the verse no matter how dirty or vulgar it was. It is all truth, and honesty of my mindset.

Oh yea and J. Cole is my favorite new artist coming out. Dude spits, and is talking bout some real stuff unlike Drake. First dude signed to Roc Nation, and on Jay-Z’s “A star is born” on blueprint 3. which he killed Jay-Z on. Probably had the best verse on the album outside of the song “Thank You”


Covered Girls Shoot Preview

Staring me behind the ringflash! fun shoot can’t wait until the pics are released. Some great material. Some of my best. No toot

Click the link since the coding sucks on here.

Sneak Peak! from Cover’d Girls on Vimeo.

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