Phonte of Little Brother’s Thoughts on "T-Pain"

Freakin Hilarious!!


I posted this on okayplayer earlier, but I’m reposting it so the world hears me….it’s time for cats to stop frontin. I done seen people call my nigga Thurgood Pain everything but a child of God, and I can’t take it no mo.

Allow me to discuss his finer points and try to explain his appeal:

When Theodore Pain first arrived on the scene with his debut ‘Rappa Ternt Sanga,’ I admit that I balked a little bit at the sheer niggerdom of the title alone. But one listen to “I’m Sprung” and all was forgiven. It was a simple, breezy R&B joint where our protagonist Talladega Pain sung about being infatuated with someone and doing things to accomodate them (washing the dishes, etc). We’ve all been there, and we all could relate.

In retrospect, ‘I’m Sprung’ almost serves as a manifesto for everything that Teddy Pain’s music stands for: Music for the TRULY average nigga. The regular cat. The dude that girls call ‘ugly.’ Whereas Robert Sylvester Kelly (brilliantly described by my man Nabi as Poet Laureate of the Lowest Common Denominator Nigger Experience) spends most of his time singing about the lavish life of a baller, my nigga Thaddeus Pain instead comes from a much more humble place.

Just listen to “I’m In Love With A Stripper” as he describes the everyman experience of going to a strip club and being enraptured with a woman’s body. Or the new classic “Buy You A Draink,” where he makes an unbelievably catchy song out of a univeral pickup line. Or even “Bartender,” Thelonious Pain’s light-hearted take on breaking up with your girl, going to the club, and kicking it to the bartender cause she’s cute, nice, and showing you love.

You may hate on my nigga Theodis Pain. You may think of his music as coonish. But you CANNOT front on him. With his universal appeal and knack for writing good melodies, I wouldn’t be surprised if he crossed over to the Latin market as Telemundo Pain. He’s that good.

Stop the hate.

*bumps Epiphany*

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